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HPA-10a† 1:48 octave distortions at 5WRMS output



Electrostatic headphones are the most accurate way of sound reproduction you can have.

Instead of magnets and coils of wire their only moving parts are incredibly light membranes that move between two grilles.

No heavy parts that muffle the sound or other surfaces that distort it.

Electrostatic headphones donít come cheap and they donít come alone.

You need a special amplifier to drive them.

Audio Technologies HPA-10a is designed to amplify the signal from its input to the needed electrostats level.

The HPA-10a features two 10wrms class A power amplifiers followed by two 20w output transformers that drive the electrostatic headphones.

An oversized 150va toroidal power transformer is used in the power supply.

Power output is 2x10wrms@8ohms in class A.

The front of the amplifier features the RCA-XLR selector, a volume control, one 5-pin ESL output connector "Stax type", and one 4ohms to 300ohms headphones jack output connector.

HPA-10a has huge amplification, very low noise and extreme low distortion providing the dynamic range needed for even the most challenging music passages.

The sound with Stax electrostatic headphones is so detailed that you will find yourself increasing the volume in order to hear additional details.

Treble and mid are crystal and superb.

Bass is tight and with great slam.

The soundstage is expansive, precise and uncompromising.

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