Audio Technologies

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Analogue electronics:

Low distortion, low noise preamplifiers and power amplifiers (class A-AB).

Discrete with bipolar-jfet-mosfet-triode-pentode and mixed design, 25 ready projects.

OTL output-transformer-less full tube or mixed amplifiers, 10 ready projects.

IC power amplifiers and preamplifiers, 11 ready projects.

Power amplifiers class D and class T, 3 ready projects.

Guitar and keyboard electronics-amplifiers-loudspeakers-combos, 16 ready projects.

Low noise power supplies, 9 ready projects.

Low noise SMPS, 8 ready projects.

Very high voltage power supplies 1KV to 500KV, 5 ready projects.

Low phase noise oscillators (<=50MHz), VCXO-TCXO-OCXO, 12 ready projects.

FM tuners , 2 ready projects.


Digital electronics:

AD and DA converters, 10ready projects.

Digital sound wireless transmission, 4 ready projects.

Digital volume chips PIC controlled, 2 ready projects.

CD players and CDROM players, 2 ready projects.

USB and Blue-Tooth, MP-3 players, 4 ready projects.

LCD screens PIC controlled, 2 ready projects.

HTPC, 2 ready projects.

PC calibrated for laboratory measurements, with low noise(<140db) low distortion(<0.0001%) 50W amplifier, 1 ready project.

Wi-Fi wireless players, 1 ready project.

Asynchronous USB to I2S module with XMOS core, three OCXO clocks and 32bit 768kHz DAC, 1 ready project.



Passive and active, Hi-fi and PA loudspeakers, 8 ready projects.

Box-less Electrostatic or Multi transducer flat panels, 4 ready projects.



High precision assembly. Small size SMD technology.

CNC aluminum boxes and parts machinery, cutting from 1mm to 120mm, engraving tool 0.8mm minimum.











1. Magnetic resonance transformer microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

2. Wireless energy transmission (50KV to 300KV), project in progress.

3. Subsonic and ultrasonic frequencies, 2 projects in progress.

4. Laser solid diode 20W microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

5. CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) 100W Laser microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

6. Focused sound (ultrasonic and beam steering) microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

7. Solar panels with pure sine-wave inverter microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

8. Rubidium 10MHz frequency standard oscillator, project in progress.

9. Over-unit electric machine (motors + magnetic resonance) microprocessor controlled, project in progress.

10. Multiple Wave Oscillator microprocessor controlled, project in progress.


We apply our philosophy using upcoming technologies in electronic and computerized measurement methods.

Our research work concentrates on several applied physics disciplines, the main areas being Audio

frequencies amplification and reproduction, Subsonic frequencies, Ultrasonic frequencies,

Energy transmission and Lasers.


For any application related to the above contact Miltiadis Logothetis



Make a production of your own, from 120 ready projects prototypes

Produce a device in any quantity

Fully functioning prototypes

LabVIEW (National Instruments) System Design Software Platforms

Simulations with Multisim12 (National Instruments) , Loudspeaker analysis, etc

Delivered data for PCAD board design, CAD-CNC work, components, suppliers

Extended measurements with digital and analogue instruments

Make precision measurements in your own project


Over 20 years of industrial experience to product design and development

Our specialized lab engineers provide support to our customers in the below areas:


#  Appropriate circuit layout according to the chosen technology

#  Electronic circuit design and simulation

#  Prototype with power supply build

#  Prototype test and evaluation

#  Package design and evaluation

#  Test solution development

#  Test hardware and software development

#  SPC (statistical process control) process analysis

#  FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) process analysis

#  Transition of product into volume manufacture

#  Full product qualification

#  PCB from design to assembly

#  Full system assembly

#  Electrical test and data analysis

#  Optical inspection (camera with adjustable zoom up to 24x)

Inspection with x-ray

#  Real-time x-ray analysis

#  Thermal imaging real time test analysis

#  Functional parameters and into circuit testing

#  Over temperature real time test

#  Environmental test in shock and vibration

#  Accelerated life test and burn-in

#  Final certificate of conformity for disposal

#  Full working prototype evaluation

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