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Rounded Rectangle:

Analogue electronics:

Low distortion, low noise preamplifiers and power amplifiers (class A-AB).

Discrete with bipolar-jfet-mosfet-triode-pentode and mixed design.

OTL output-transformer-less full tube or mixed amplifiers.

IC power amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Power amplifiers class D and class T.

Guitar and keyboard electronics-amplifiers-loudspeakers-combos.

Low noise power supplies.

Low noise SMPS.

Very high voltage power supplies 1KV to 200KV.

Low phase noise oscillators (<=50MHz), VCXO-TCXO-OCXO.

FM tuners.


Digital electronics:

AD and DA converters.

Digital sound wireless transmission.

Digital volume chips PIC controlled.

CD players and CDROM players.

USB and Blue-Tooth, MP-3 players.

LCD screens PIC controlled.

Wi-Fi wireless players.



Passive and active, hi-fi and PA loudspeakers.

Box-less Electrostatic or Multi transducer flat panels.



Make a production of your own, from 120 ready projects prototypes

Produce a device in any quantity

Fully functioning prototypes

LabVIEW (National Instruments) System Design Software Platforms

Simulations with Multisim12 (National Instruments) , Loudspeaker analysis, etc

Delivered data for PCAD board design, CAD-CNC work, components, suppliers

Extended measurements with digital and analogue instruments

Make precision measurements in your own project


Our lab provide support to our customers in the below areas:

#  Appropriate circuit layout according to the chosen technology

#  Electronic circuit design and simulation

#  Prototype with power supply build

#  Prototype test and evaluation

#  Package design and evaluation

#  Test solution development

#  Test hardware and software development

#  SPC (statistical process control) process analysis

#  FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis) process analysis

#  Transition of product into volume manufacture

#  Full product qualification

#  PCB from design to assembly

#  Full system assembly

#  Electrical test and data analysis

#  Optical inspection (camera with adjustable zoom up to 24x)

Inspection with x-ray

#  Real-time x-ray analysis

#  Thermal imaging real time test analysis

#  Functional parameters and into circuit testing

#  Over temperature real time test

#  Environmental test in shock and vibration

#  Accelerated life test and burn-in

#  Final certificate of conformity for disposal

#  Full working prototype evaluation

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