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FREQUENCY RESPONCE: 0db points from 10 to 50KHz.

DISTORTION: Less than 0.01%@30WRMS output.

POWER: 2x80WRMS@8ohms, 2x160WRMS@4ohms, 2x300WRMS@2ohms, 2x560WRS@1ohm load resistance.


INPUT SENSITIVITY: 1.0 V for maximum output. 

PROTECTIONS: Startup delay 10 seconds, on overload with fuses, on overheating with microcontroller, input limiter.

NOISE: -120db.


POWER REQUIREMENTS: 115VAC & 230VAC 50/60 Hz, 2000W max.

DIMENSIONS: 44x58x26cm.

WEIGHT: 47kg.



# Very low noise # Exceptional low distortion # class A # 2ΚVA power transformer # 400000μf power supply capacitors


TA-80a is a product that elevates performance and sound quality to a new level.

The amazing sound of properly executed class A operation has always been an object of aspiration for audiophiles.

The output stage of the TA-80a features high power bipolar transistors for speed, excellent frequency response and sonic performance.

Twenty for each channel are arranged in a parallel push-pull configuration driven in class A.

The power supply features a large 2KVA toroidal power transformer and four oversized 100000μF Nippon filtering capacitors.

The above power supply provides power down to 1ohm impedances.

In the output circuitry, heavy gauge coils and power relays, eliminate mechanical contacts and improve reliability.

ΤA-80a delivers 80WRMS at 8ohms per channel, in class A. 

The compact design of the circuitry allows short signal path so parasitic capacitance, delay and phase shift are minimized.

High quality components are used, Semicon audio grade capacitors, Wima film capacitors and Vishay Dale resistors.

Two microcontrollers, one per channel monitors the temperature with 0.1deg accuracy (adjustment is done watching two 3 digits indicators inside the chassis) and interrupts the (channel) power supply in case of overheating; the reset is automatic.

A small amount of negative feedback is applied.

With the TA-80a you will feel the drama and emotion.

Soundstage is open in all directions.

The bass has focus, resolution and control.

The sound is refined and flows with smoothness and emotion.

Crescendo explodes from nothingness to startling realism.

A deep and rich tone buried in music is revealed, in the absence of noise and distortion.

# Πολύ χαμηλός θόρυβος # Εξαιρετικά χαμηλή παραμόρφωση # τάξη Α # 2ΚVA μετασχηματιστής τροφοδοσίας # 400000μf πυκνωτές τροφοδοσίας


O TA-80a αποδίδει 80WRMS στα 8ohms ανά κανάλι, σε τάξη Α.

Το κύκλωμα ενίσχυσης χρησιμοποιεί τρανζίστορ σε συμμετρική διάταξη.

Ποιοτικά υλικά χρησιμοποιούνται σε όλα τα στάδια ενίσχυσης, Nippon πυκνωτές, Wima film πυκνωτές  και αντιστάσεις Vishay Dale.

Η συμπαγής σχεδίαση του κυκλώματος επιτρέπει μικρή διαδρομή σήματος έτσι η παρασιτική χωρητικότητα, η καθυστέρηση και η μετατόπιση φάσης ελαχιστοποιούνται.

Το στάδιο εξόδου υλοποιείται με 20 bipolar τρανζίστορ υψηλής ισχύος ανά κανάλι.

Ένας βαθύς και πλούσιος τόνος θαμμένος στη μουσική αποκαλύπτεται, λόγω της απουσίας του θορύβου και της παραμόρφωσης.

TA-80a  class A stereo power amplifier

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